Page loves a recent YouTube mash-up of Madonna’s Justify My Love with Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love

“That something so simplistic is still quite inspiring amazes me. That’s exactly why I came into music in the first place: to be inspired by what I hear to make it something else, to make it my own. That’s how culture, creativity, moves, isn’t it?”

From The Irish Times


Rob Halford

Halford openly admitted being a huge Lady Gaga fan, so when asked if he had seen the insane YouTube mashup of Lady Gaga’s Judas and Judas Priest’s Painkiller by mashup artist Wax Audio, Halford said he had just been watching it again a few days before the interview.

“I was watching it with Chris Freeman, who was the bass player for gay punk band Pansy Division. He came to the pre-show the other day and we got the iPad out and he had his mind blown. It has 1,750,000 views. I love it.”

From The Vancouver Sun